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random thoughts

I work at a large company that is more than 3/4 men. In my division, the gender disparity is even greater. We have about 100 people, and only 8 of them are women. Two of those eight are our administrative assistants (traditionally a job filled by women given the comparatively low pay). Of the eight women, I'm one of only three with a child, and the only one with a child who's not yet a teenager or grown.

It's no wonder I feel so out of place here. That's just one reason, but still.


And the stomach demands attention

Yesterday evening I felt the stomach pain come on again. I'm taking double meds and have been feeling better, so I was suprised. I skipped dinner, and as I was getting ready to take Annie to the grocery store to get the makings for a gingerbread house, I felt really awful. We went anyway (I'm a tool sometimes. I just didn't want to disappoint her.) We got there, and I immediately threw up (well, I did make it to the restroom, thank goodness). That started the 4.5 hours of continuous bouts of throwing up. And yes, I managed to get the gingerbread house makings and home before the next bout! Not sure how, but I did.

But CRAP. Why is this still happening to me? It's the same as before. But now I'm now on plenty of acid reflux meds. Argh. The doctor told me that I should see yet another specialist if it happens again. So I guess I will. I need to get past my work deadline before I think about it, though.

Today, Carl took Annie to my parent's house. This was planned because I needed a good 12/13 hours for work today. Unfortunately, I feel lousy because of the throwing up (dehydrated and exhausted). So working is going slow. I'm about 1/5 of the way through the project. And I've spent about six hours on it so far. And it's due by noon tomorrow at the latest. Sigh. I shouldn't be on the web (and I have been trying to limit it), but I also need small breaks.

I swore I wasn't going to complain anymore. But here I am, complaining.

So here is some good stuff:
--I'm taking next week off! Yay!
--I can work from home if it snows tomorrow.
--I'm done throwing up and in the recovery period.
--Between this latest episode and not being able to eat for a few days while my stomach recovers, I should lose the weight I've gained recently. These episodes are usually good for 8-10 pounds!
--Annie is making her gingerbread house with Gramma today, so she'll get to enter it in the contest at school, like she wanted. :)
--Next paycheck (12/31), I'll get back pay for full-time work from 11/3. That'll be a nice fat paycheck.
--I called a counselor yesterday. We're still playing phone tag, but if we can find a time that works for us, maybe I can vent to a professional instead of everywhere else. Oh, who am I kidding. I'll still vent everywhere else. ;-)


We went to the library this weekend and spent a lot of time reading the books we brought home. We also took a walk that involved lots of puddle stomping and baked cookies. It was the calm I needed. It's been a rough week.

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In other news, Annie's first swim lesson went really well. She loved it and even jumped into the teacher's arms from the side of the pool several times. After it was over, she begged to go back. I'm so glad she's enjoying it.
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I've been wanting to also have her go to dance lessons. They provide this at her school, but we were worried about the cost. She tried it once and liked it though, so we talked about it, but decided not now. That was a few weeks ago. Then this past Monday, she was SO sad when her friends went to dance class and she had to stay in the classroom, that they let her go again for another try (her teacher confirmed this was true, so it's not just a ploy on the part of the dance teacher). She loved it even more. I told Carl we can figure out a way to cut back even more. I want her to go. I wish I'd been able to do dance when I was little (I always wanted to, but as the third child, I rarely got to take any lessons in anything). And I can't stand that she's feeling left out. I know I shouldn't because of my precarious job situation, but...I'm way too soft on this stuff. We can find a way. It's not that much money. So, I'm signing her up!


Just figuring out LJ

With the latest brouhaha from CC, I'm finally inspired to get to know LJ. I've wanted to for a long time, but since I'm basically lazy, it just hasn't happened.

But hey, with the beginning of a new year and a change in jobs, this is a perfect time to swith up my online activity, too. Starting in another day, I'm going into business for myself: Dally, sole proprietor. I have a freelance gig already with my former employer. But this time, I'll be working entirely from home and I can actually refuse OT (since I won't be paid for it). Sure, I have no job security, insurance, or benefits of any kind, but my commute is just across the hall.

So, in the spirit of the New Year, I pledge to work efficiently as a freelancer, learn LJ, and continue my quest (started when I became unemployed a couple of months ago) to learn how to cook.

I'm still setting everything up, so I will be more engaging later (or so I hope). In the meantime, I probably recognize a lot more of you from WC/CC then you recognize me, since I didn't post too much, but let me know if you want to be friended.